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🇺🇸 Perfect Posture Challenge! | Fix Rounded Shoulders & Hunchback Posture in 2 WEEKS

All right: first, let’s exhale like try to clean a pair of glasses Ha now your shoulders are fully relaxed. Pull your shoulders back place your straightened, hands behind you, lock your palms together and lift your hands up slowly: Okay, relax! We are going to do a lift-off exercise. Turn your shoulders outwards place your hands at height of your lower back Push your hands away slowly, while exhale then bring them in and inhale. This exercise will open your shoulders outwards straight your back and also make the up traps flat.

Alright, let’s do the next one which will work your neck muscles to correct forward head posture, Slightly bend your knees, lean upper body forward, Place both hands on your head press downward Tuck in your chin and tighten your neck. Try to lift your head up against the pressure from your hands. Okay, the next one will be Lying Shoulder External Rotation. This will help to fix round shoulders and tight top traps Lie on your side. With your head rested on pillow, keep your upper arm tightly against your side and fix elbow position at 90 degrees throughout this process.

You can do this one with a dumbbell or a water bottle which can give you a big difference. Please remember to tighten your upperarm. All the time and fix the elbow position at 90 degree: Okay, let’s do Sleeper’s s Stretch next, put your elbow and shoulder in a straight line. Use your other hand to push the forearm down to the floor. Please press as far down as you comfortably can All right.

Let’S switch side If you have sloping shoulders or your top traps show a bump like structure. Then, apart from relaxing tight muscles, you might also need to pay attention to your shoulder. Blades Like shoulder depression. It can cause the inner part of the shoulder blades to protrude and pushes the top traps up. This exercise will help your shoulders go back to the normal position and give you a better looking shoulder line.

Alright, it’s time to stretch the tight shoulder. Please do it slowly and at your comfortable level, okay, we have planks. Next, engage your core and make sure your body in a straight line. If you want to be more challenging, you can lift your legs alternately. This exercise will train the back muscles to reduce the strain on upper traps and also correct the shoulder blades position by working the Serratus Anterior muscles.

Okay, let’s sit up to stretch our Levator Scapulae. If they’re too tight, the upper traps will be lifted up by the shoulder blades place, your left arm behind your back tilt your right ear towards the right shoulder. Then look back at the floor. You can also place your right hand on your head to give some pressure. Okay switch sides Place your right hand behind your back tilt.

Your left ear towards your left. Shoulder then look back at the floor All right. The next one is Wall Angels, which is mean to flat your shoulders and work. The muscles of your upper back bend your knees slightly with your head shoulders and lower back flat against the wall, Tuck in your shoulder, blades, and move your arms up and down against the wall. The trapezius actually contains three components up part of shoulder: the center and the lower part of the inner area of shoulder blade Generally because of the weak middle and the lower traps.

The top traps get overworked and tightened. This exercise can train the middle and the lower traps really well to resolve the tight upper traps. You can lift your arms halfway up if you cannot lift them up fully All right. Next, we will stretch the chest muscles Over tensed chest muscles can cause round shoulders. Shifting shoulder blade position and tighten upper traps place your right arm against the wall, with the elbow at the shoulder height, take one step forward using the same side, leg and tucking in your shoulder.

Blades, you can feel the stretch in your Pectoralis Major, Okay, relax The arms against the wall and elbows higher than the shoulders’ height Take a step forward with the same leg and lean body away from the wall. You can feel the stretch in your Pectoralis Minor. All right relax your shoulders and, let’s change to other side, The elbow shouldn’t be lower. Your shoulder make sure to open your chest and tuck your shoulder. Blades in Okay, relax, lift your arms higher a little bit lean forward and twist your body away from the wall.

Alright, the last step: Let’s relax, our upper traps with the massage ball, Lie against the wall like this and roll, the massage ball at the tensed area, Okay, switch sides and massage the same way as before. You can also massage your tight chest or back with this ball. Okay, that’s all for today Hope you guys enjoyed See you soon next week, bye

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