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A $1000 chair!?? – Mavix M9 Ergo Gaming Chair

This sounds badass (, chair, squeaks, ), We’re doing it Another chair, another Gaming chair, We’re gon na unbox. This thing This is the Mavix M9 Gaming Chair a $ 999
99 price chair And based on the past year, videos we’ve done, You guys seem to enjoy the expensive, the fine things in chairs. What do we have here? I guess the first thing to figure out is: how should we be unboxing? This
I don’t see any instructions, just comes in a plain box.

That’S fine! No big deal. We don’t need a big fancy show. Maybe this is how you’re saving like $ 500
So far, the packaging is definitely a little bit worse than the past two chairs that I’ve opened up the Razor Iskur and the Logitech Herman Miller Embody Gaming Chair But see what we got. What kinda goodies we got here, Mavix’s M-wheels, enhanced gaming experience.

I don’t know if there’s a good method to getting the top of the chair out.

No, this definitely What the heck
Typically, when the boxes have like the pull-off thing, they actually tell you that So unless I’m missing something, it doesn’t explicitly tell me that, So you know what I’m gon na blame instructions on that one ( box, pops ) I’ll, tell you right now. This thing: pops
So the fact that it comes completely assembled, it’s pretty cool

So that was a pretty subpar unboxing experience, but at least it came completely assembled, So you don’t have to mess around. With that I know the Razor chair we had to partially put together the Herman Miller, Logitech Embody Chair, just kinda rolled right out of the box, which is really nice. Keep in mind, though that’s an extra like $ 500 up on this chair,
Wow, So I’m actually not gon na lie based on their website And just the way that the design elements are on the site.

This thing looks way cooler in person than it does on the site, And I’m not just saying that.
And also this material on the back rest here this is nice. I need other people to validate the feelings that I’m feeling right now. So at this point, some of you guys might be wondering who is Mavix And honestly. I said the exact same thing:

So I went over to their website.

I got a little bit of a marketing speak from who they are and what they’re trying to do here. So, let me just read it right off their site. Mavix is developed by a partnership combining a team with over 20 years of experience, designing ergonomic office chairs, and a group of Endemic Gamers Mavix is carefully crafted an ergonomic gaming solution that breaks the mold of previous Gaming chairs. So the next thing we need to do is sit in this bad boy right after a word from our sponsor
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All right we’re going to take a seat. We’Re gon na see how this thing feels.

Does it feel as nice as it looks Yeah it does It feels nice
This thing is sick And actually it is very, very smooth, Even the reclining, in its base form I haven’t touched anything messed with anything. It is nice.
It’S not too touchy. It’S not too. You know rigid, It’s not giving me a lot of pressure back, but it is supporting my lower back, which is nice

And I’m sitting quite terribly to be completely honest, I’m not sure how well the white color will hold up over time with, like you know, you get your mountain Dew and your Dorito chip dust on it and stuff like that.

But man this thing feels nice. This is by far the comfiest chair that I’ve sat in for my first experience, My first impressions out of any of the chairs that I’ve looked at so far on this channel. So that’s that’s cool. I wonder how it holds up with Gaming, but first we should probably go over all the features that the chair has.
So, let’s do that So we’re gon na go ahead and go through Mavix’s feature nine functions, So the first been of course, like many other Gaming chairs, the Headrest tilts tilt down tilt up actually interesting, I mean sure You know why not

( chair squeaks, ) Woo, hoo, hoo, (, chair squeaks, ), It’s supposed to make that noise ( chair, squeaks ) That sounds badass (, chair, squeaks ).

That’S pretty neat!

So tall people can enjoy it and short people can enjoy. That’S fantastic
A chair for everyone – Maybe not everybody, but it’s more than a few people, So next step is going to be the infinite Locking Position recline feature which I need to find again. Well its not this thing. No it’s over here.

No, maybe it’s this. No. I didn’t find the tilt thing, but I did find the ability to be able to move the seat forward and backward, which is pretty fancy. (, chair, squeaks, ), Shimmy, shimmy, Woo, (, chair, squeaks, ), That’s fun! It’S pretty cool!

What So, what did you do you pull it up, Pull it up. Wow I feel like I’m gon na fall over. This doesn’t feel safe, again, very smooth, very comfortable

My lower back is still being supported, which is cool.
The lumbar support system isn’t quite in the right spot yet, but okay, I feel like I’m gon na fall over, but that’s sturdy All right. So next up is they’re four dimensional Armrest.

So this is actually a little spooky, but that’s okay!
It feels kind of wrong to be doing that, but I think it’s fine Or I’m just like absolutely destroying the chair right now.

It doesn’t feel supernatural but sure Anyways. You can also go up and go down classic ofcourse. And can you move these forward and back
Interesting, Okay, So I’m sure you guys have seen other Gaming chairs where you can move the Armers forward and backward It’s a small chance that I’m doing it wrong, but hopefully not.

It is cool that you can just and you don’t have to press any buttons or whatever you just if you wan na change your armrest position, you’re Gaming,
You wan na straight ahead Game. So then the last main thing that we’re gon na check out is their dynamic, variable Lumbar support system. This is what Mavix is calling an Advanced Tensile Recovery fabric. This is why, when I first sat on this chair, it was super comfortable because this automatically adjusted to the way I was sitting rather than needing me to adjust it to me.

So that’s pretty cool
So the last thing that I haven’t done, I haven’t done a true Caster test with these original Casters that are on the thing You know It’s nice They’re, not the smoothest Casters, but I mean they’re.

Hefty Gamers got ta play a Gamer game in a Gaming chair Game Game.
Man, I think I could sleep in this thing right now, because the chair is so smooth, I’m like naturally kinda all over the place, All right, So the only thing that’s left is to get some other people to come in and give their thoughts Get the Gamer Still going

So do you like the tilt? Do you leave your chairs like locked when you’re Gaming, or do you have them tilt? So my chair at home, the whole thing is kinda, just one piece, So it all tilts back This one’s actually pretty nice, I’m realizing cause only the back seems to tilt and your the bottom part where your butt is stays the same. When I’m at my desk.

I’M usually holding a Controller, and I know I’m gon na get a little bit of smack for that, but I’m usually holding a Controller
So I want it to be angled in, and I want my arms to just fall like this. I think it’s comfortable, It’s pretty good right, so Yeah Yeah, so I mean I’d rather have a seat. That’S too wide than too tiny.

800 %
Yeah Fantastic: do you want to buy this chair for a thousand dollars, Ergonomics, support and then actually a really comfortable chair? I will potentially maybe possibly buy one of these or I’ll just take this one, which I’m actually probably just going to do.

So. Thank you guys very much for watching
Make sure to like the video comment, get subscribed and we’ll see on the next one or other people will cause I’m gone Cause I’m taking this chair, Bye-bye ( wooh, )

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