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Best Neoprene Swim Shorts (Floaty Pants)

So, which are the best floaty pants, Hey, Pat thanks for the workout. There is no vlog Good morning. Trainiacs, Just floaty pants and dive start sprints all day.

Floaty pants, my pals, my –, Are very dive, start splashy The training tool that allows me to keep up with people who are faster than I am Thank you floaty pants. These here are the Roka Sim Short Pros. Huh

Huh Huh, But just about every swim suit. Company wet suit company is coming out with their own line of floaty, pants, Otherwise know as Neoprine shorts, but we know better they’re, floaty pants And the reason for that is that it’s quite enjoyable to swim in them.

It’S kind of like have a pull buoy in between your legs, so you get a lot of extra buoyancy. It simulates the wet suit position quite a bit more, but it doesn’t ignore your kick totally like a pull. Buoy does So it’s a really good training tool.

That said, use it sparingly, as I’ve said before. I only use it in times when I’m being a turd in the morning, and I don’t wan na go to the pool. I make a deal with myself saying. If you go to the pool, you can wear your floaty pants, But they keep me coming here consistently because on those low days I wear my floaty pants

So, which are the best floaty pants, considering that all these companies are coming out with them right now, I’ve got an opinion on that. I’Ve got an opinion on a lot of things. Apparently, Every day I have an opinion on something. So I have like these types of floaty pants, where the shorts actually end above the knee there’s at least a half a dozen manufacturers

So when this first came out, the zone threes were one of the first types of floaty pants. That was just five mil thickness all the way around

No features, basically just a neoprine wetsuit, with everything cut off The zone. Threes are now discontinued. You can still find them online for about 100 bucks. Desoto has a similar thing, that’s still out there, but the TYR CAT 1’s are the cheapest coming in around 70. Now, if you want a little bit more features, you can go with something more like this Roka Sim Short Pro, where the side strip is three mils, so you get a little bit of extra mobility as you’re kicking

Blueseventy has the same thing: BlueSeventy is around a hundred dollars. These Rokas are about 120. Do you really need that three mil strip? I’Ve got it. I don’t even know if it helps

So if you’re paying extra money for a three mil strip along the side, I don’t know you’re already pretty mobile and I’m not sure if you need it. So I’d say if you’re looking for just short shorts, a five mil thick short is plenty and those TYR CAT 1’s are the cheapest

But you know what there are so many of these around Just search around on Amazon on you’ll be able to find a sale on some good floaty pants somewhere.

Now, if you wan na get maximum buoyancy possible, there are some floaty pants that are literally floaty pants. They go down passed. The knee You’ve got one from Huub. You’Ve got the Xterra Lava pants you’ve even got Huub pants that come down to the ankle. This is gon na, add even more buoyancy bringing your legs up closer to the surface, which I kinda like, because what I find with just the shorts is because that buoyancy is right in the middle. If my hips are here, my butt gets pulled up to the surface and it kinda pushes my legs down. So I think that the pants idea is actually a really good premise: Jaque, who did the long swim with us, had Xterra Lava pants and he said it was phenomenal.

It kept his legs really nice and straight added a lot of buoyancy, maybe just a little bit too much, because those were, I think, five mil thick the entire way down to mid calf. But I think that the single best pair of floaty pants out there are the Huub Alfa pants They’re a little but passed the knee and they’ve got some strips of features that allow you to have a little bit more mobility and they’re only 70 dollars.

Huh Not too shabby Huub

And I’ve used Huub for wetsuits. I’Ve got them for swim skin. I’Ve got a trisuit from them. Huub comes out with some really good stuff and very reasonable prices. That’S my take on floaty pants. I will have links in the description below to where you can find any of these, that I am able to scour down on Amazon. If you want to support the channel, that’s an easy way to do it.

If you buy anything on Amazon in the 24 hours after clicking through one of the links below it doesn’t cost you anything. Extra and Amazon sends us a little bit of a commission Doesn’t make us rich, but it definitely helps Now trainiacs check out this dive start set. Brrrrr Pat you leave and you just get vicious on us. Eh

( upbeat music, ) Ugh, no more of that Hey, Pat thanks for the workout. What is with you thanking him? For that? Don’T encourage him! Oh Thank you got it.

Well, trainiacs, that was a damn busy. Well just a slog of a day A week and a half from now no triathlon Kim and I are going on Holidays. We’Re going to the lake where coach, Pat stays for the summer And we’re chillin’ out there And there’s not WiFi or internet

What’S gon na happen to the Vlog Taren? Well? Well, here’s the good news. While that vacation is happening, there is no vlog Simmer down simmer down simmer down. We are currently banking, Triathlon, Taren Triathlon videos that a lot of you have asked for over the last little while, but they just didn’t really fit into like a vlog story of the day. So we’ve been knocking those videos off the list, banking them in YouTube. So you’ll get your daily Triathlon Taren fix, but the day to day I’m gon na be lounging around on a beach. Well, not really Coach, Pat is gon na, be kicking my ass all up and down lake country in Manitoba.

Sounds like an awful vacation actually

So with that said, two suggestions or requests from all of you Number one. We’Ve got ten days now that we can still bank some videos If you have any triathlon videos that you really want me to do that I haven’t done before. Let me know in the comments below – Maybe I haven’t actually done it before, because it doesn’t really fit into a vlog if we get enough comments about similar things, I’ll throw it into one of these banked videos and number two. I haven’t told Coach Pat this, but I think I’m gon na bring my podcasting equipment out there and I am still gon na shoot some vlogs, while I’m out there

So if you have any Coach, Pat triathlon questions or just some general Coach, Pat questions, let me know those in the comments below

I edited three yes, three videos today and I am pretty pretty proud of myself, But I don’t have a jet ski. So really, how cool can I be Alright later trainiacs..

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