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can poor posture cause arthritis

Can Poor Posture Cause Arthritis

Poor posture has negative effects on the joints, muscles, and circulation of our body. Sitting and standing properly can guarantee the best functioning of our body. But the question often asked is “can poor posture cause arthritis? For people with arthritis, poor posture can cause stress and joint pain.

Our body is constantly working to resist the force of gravity. Proper alignment is the key to avoiding back stress and overcompensation of other muscles that can cause injury. Our spine has a natural curve. Poor posture stresses the bones and joints of the lower back. Therefore, standing and sitting are not just body positions to be taken lightly. Knowledge of your body is essential to avoid the pain of arthritis.

In this article, I wish to let you in on the relationship between poor posture and arthritis and also know how poor posture can cause arthritis.

The Relationship Between Poor Posture and Arthritis

Certain conditions, such as ankylosing spondylitis, Reiters syndrome and some cases of psoriatic arthritis, mainly affect the skeletal system and can often cause poor posture. By their nature, these conditions can cause stiffness in the spine, deformities in the upper part of the spine and loss of the normal curve in the lower back. All these processes can lead to deterioration of posture.

Osteoarthritis is more controversial. We have known for a long time that joint injuries can lead to poor posture, but it is difficult to determine if the joint injury or bad posture came first. There is evidence that people with knee injuries were predisposed to osteoarthritis (osteoarthritis) because the joint suffers from postural instability. Others argue that it is only after such injuries that the joint suffers from postural instability. There are also investigations that associate conditions such as bow legs and knees with a predisposition to osteoarthritis. What is almost certain is that poor posture can accelerate the progression of the disease.

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Poor posture can cause pain and disability, especially during activities such as walking. Poor posture can cause other painful conditions, such as bursitis, tendonitis and muscle spasms. And poor posture can cause some people to fall and fracture their bones if they have a combination of osteoporosis and arthritis.

Whichever comes first-arthritis or poor posture, both can trigger a chain of events that leave the person vulnerable to a long list of possible health problems. A multidisciplinary approach to the problem generally works best. Your doctor can prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic drugs that modify the disease and, in extreme cases, perform corrective surgery. Physiotherapy for muscle conditioning, balance training, and range of motion exercises are essential.

Simple exercises to increase strength, flexibility, and range of motion in the lower back and abdominals can also improve posture and relieve lower back pain. Orthopedic devices, insoles, and other assistive devices can improve posture and daily function, as well as limit disability. Although patients should avoid excessive dependence on these devices because they can lead to muscle weakness and loss of function.

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Can Poor Posture Cause Arthritis?

While it is true that we cannot go back in time and cure arthritis, there is something we can do to relieve pain and prevent it from getting worse. Many people think that arthritis is because of overuse. But most of the arthritis in our body (osteoarthritis) comes from the lack of movement of certain joints.

can poor posture cause arthritis
can poor posture cause arthritis – Arthritic knee

The subluxations of the bones of the spine can be more than bones that are not in alignment. They can be stuck in this position. When they are stuck, they prevent the bone above and beneath them from moving properly. Patients with pain between the shoulder blades, their vertebrae, usually, T4-T6, will have subluxations due to years of poor posture. Poor posture with rounded and slumped shoulders, forward head position causes excessive stretching of the back muscles that support the upper torso and head.

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What begins as a bad habit over time creates a situation in which the muscles lose their strength and these bones remain stuck and immobile. It is at this point that poor posture begins to cause arthritis. The bones of the spine get their nutrition from synovial fluid. When movement in this area of ​​the spine stops due to subluxations and weak muscles, these joints can no longer absorb nutrients to keep the endplates and soft cartilage structures healthy. Hence, they begin to calcify (harden). This creates a vicious circle of pain, weakness, un-movable vertebrae and arthritis.

can poor posture cause arthritis
can poor posture cause arthritis – Arthritic wrist

Chiropractic care can help relieve symptoms, release stuck vertebrae and stop this harmful cycle. Keeping these bones moving with chiropractic adjustments and specific postural exercises aimed at the stuck joints is the best way to prevent arthritis from spreading to the next joint and prevent the joints from fusing completely.

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In addition, nerve endings that leave this area of the spine (T4-T6) control the esophagus, heart, stomach, and diaphragm. It is not surprising that so many patients with this type of bad posture also suffer heartburn, indigestion, acid reflux, heart palpitations and difficulty breathing.

Some Helpful Tips to Ease Arthritic Pain

The sitting position requires support for the back. This is to maintain the natural curve of the spine. If you hold a position for a long period of time, you should move around, whether you are taking a break and standing for a while, stretching or propping your feet to raise the level of the knees higher than the hips.

Getting up from a sitting position should also be done systematically, keeping your back straight and using the muscles of your hands and legs to get up from the chair.

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When standing, the poor placement of the pelvis causes the stomach to extend forward. This will cause an arch in the lower back, which stresses the muscles. Pulling in the abdominals and repositioning the pelvis so that the tailbone points towards the floor can correct this misalignment.

The alignment of the pelvis is also crucial when standing for long periods of time. By raising one foot a little higher than the other, using a footrest or other means. And then alternating the feet, keeps the pelvis aligned and reduces stress. Every time you stand, know how you hold the upper body and if you are locking your knees.

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Summary and Recommendation

As stated earlier, poor posture can cause arthritis because of the degeneration of bones and joints. This degeneration can be due to the bones being stuck in a position because of many years of poor posture. It can also be due to excessive pressure. This is why you must know how to keep a straight posture.

Knowledge of the position of the body will reduce cases of prolonged misalignment while standing or sitting.

Maintaining your posture to avoid arthritis pain also includes choosing the right furniture. Chairs, mattresses, armrests, and footrests to help reduce pressure on joints and lower back muscles.

Please visit your doctor for a proper examination and prescription if you have arthritis. Your doctor can help you detect if your poor posture is the cause of your arthritis or if there is another underlying cause.

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