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how long should i wear a knee brace

How Long Should I Wear a Knee Brace?- 2020 Basic Truths Revealed!

If you find yourself reading this article, this might be because you have have been wondering how long should I wear a knee brace? There is no doubt that knee braces are important in injury or injury prevention, but choosing the right one can be a daunting task.

how long should i wear a knee brace
Knee Pain

There is an estimate by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that around 15 million people now live with joint pain. Treatment for knee pain, in particular, ranges from invasive surgical options to drugs with side effects and natural treatment for knee pain. Knee pads/braces are a common natural treatment for knee pain, but they come with a variety of issues.

So whether you’ve recently injured your knee, gone through intensive training and exercise, or you just be want to be careful with injuries in the future, knee braces may be the best solution.

But is there an optimal and correct time to wear a knee brace?

You will wonder how long should I wear a knee brace? You must wear a knee brace for more than a week after injuring your knee. If you use your knee brace and seek therapy, your knee will heal gradually. Therefore, putting away the knee brace after just a week does not give your knee enough time to heal.

A lot of questions start popping up in your head once you realize that knee braces can help your knee pain. You will begin to wonder how to wear a knee brace with pants?, can I sleep with a knee brace on? If I have anterior Cruciate Ligament or meniscus surgery, how long should I wear a knee brace?

Read on to learn everything you need to know about knee braces, from how long you should wear a knee brace to the circumstances that require them.

How long should I wear a knee brace? Continue reading to know more

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How Long Should I Wear a Knee Brace?

how long should I wear a knee brace
How long should I wear a knee brace?

The solution to the puzzle “how long should I wear a knee brace?” is not really straight forward as you may think. It’s a personal choice. If you feel you need extra support, the knee pads can give you little to lose and a lot to gain. Especially since there are many on the market which have an excellent quality/price ratio.

Whether you diagnose yourself with knee problems or are diagnosed by a doctor, the first time you wear a knee brace, you should wear it for at least a week.

The knee braces have different functions depending on the purpose for which it was manufactured.

For example, a knee brace that has hinges is for the protection of the ligaments during contact sports. Some devices reduce pain by relieving pressure on certain parts of the knee. If you have general pain, a knee compression sleeve will keep your knee warm and support the weak joint.

Engineers design knee supports for specific parts of the knee. For instance, some knee braces will align the patella while applying pressure to reduce pain. If you have had surgery on your knee, a rehabilitative knee brace will keep your knee still so that you can rehabilitate it slowly. With a rehabilitation brace, you will have a slow and limited movement to protect yourself against a new knee injury.

How long should I wear a knee brace? Continue reading to know more

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how long should i wear a knee brace
How long should I wear a knee brace?

There are generally two types of knee braces

  1. RIGID DESIGN: It can offer very robust support and is very durable against impact damage. Of course, this is more expensive for the buyer as compared to the flexible design.
  2. FLEXIBLE DESIGN: This provides a more general type of protection and uses compressible materials in fabric to help support the knee. This is usually more common with runners.

The design you choose depends on the type of knee brace you are looking for. Your choice, of course, will affect how long you can wear the knee brace in the long term. Therefore, the heavier knee braces are in general will mean less time than you can wear them.

Several users of braces said they were happy to wear braces for several days to several months. However, if your knee needs this amount and duration of support outside of marathon training and strenuous exercise, it is best to seek the advice of your doctor. I recommend anything over 8 weeks, it’s a good maximum ceiling.

This is to enable your injury to heal completely and also retrain the muscles around the knee to be able to carry the body.

How long should I wear a knee brace? Continue reading to know more

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So how long should you wear a knee brace? I believe you can comfortably answer this. Let us move on to other important questions as it relates to knee braces.

All The Information You Need About Knee Braces

Having successfully answered the question; how long should I wear a knee brace? I need to tell you other things you must know about knee braces and how to use them.

When to Wear a Knee Brace?

how long should i wear a knee brace
How long should I wear a knee brace?

In general, braces should be worn if you have knee pain or want to avoid injury in high contact sports where there is an increased risk of knee injury. The knee braces can also be used for rehabilitation purposes, for example, after an ACL injury. The knee brace will provide a slow and limited movement which will allow the patient to gradually regain his range of movement. Knee braces are also useful for people with arthritis because they can help reduce pain and inflammation. Your doctor can help you decide if necessary.

Levels Of Protection

When choosing a knee brace, you should lookout for levels of protection ranging from 1 to 3+.

A level 1 knee brace offers the least support but is the most flexible, like a knee sleeve. It is best for pain relief and mild to moderate support when fully active.

Level 2 knee braces offer more protection than level 1, they are not as flexible, but still allow a range of motion. Suspenders (wraparounds) and knee braces are good examples. You will receive mild to moderate knee support to relieve the pain associated with ligament instability and tendinitis.

A level 3 knee brace, an example is the hinged knee brace, gives you the most sustained but limited movement. This type of braces is also generally heavier. It is best used when recovering from surgery when knee movement should be limited to avoid further injury. To go further, there is always the option of a level 3+ for maximum protection. This level is best for relieving pain and supporting instability and moderate to severe conditions.

How long should I wear a knee brace? Continue reading to know more

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Can You Sleep with a Knee Brace On?

how long should i wear a knee brace
How long should I wear a knee brace?

You may want to give your leg a break by removing the knee brace while you sleep. But if a doctor tells you to wear your knee brace while sleeping, do so. If you had surgery, then you have no other choice.

However, if only your knee hurts, you can take a break from your knee brace. Wearing the knee brace all day can lead to other skin problems around the knee.

When a surgeon recommends that you wear a knee brace to bed, he wants to make sure that your joints stay in place. The movement in your dream could reverse what the surgeon did and so you should use it to avoid further injury.

Your knee pain can cause insomnia. Therefore, you must go to bed with your brace to sleep well with less painful movements.

To have a good night sleep even with pain in your knee region, do the following;

Use pillows: Sleep on your back, knee on a pillow. This prevents you from placing one leg over the other and causing more pain.

While you have a pillow under the knee, use a second pillow to lift your body to one side. This second pillow prevents you from moving during the night and therefore keeps your joints more stable.

Use ice: Before bed, put ice on your knee. Ice will reduce the inflammation and swelling that can cause pain at night.

Use lubricant: The area under your braces will start to itch, so change it and apply a moisturizer so your skin doesn’t dry out. Ventilate the area that your knee brace covers before bedtime, then re-attach it before turning off the lights.

Check your suspenders: Make sure your knee lifter straps are tight enough to prevent movement, but not enough to cut circulation.

You can check out my article on how to sleep with a knee brace on to get full details.

How long should I wear a knee brace? Continue reading to know more

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How Long Should I Wear a Knee Brace After ACL Surgery?

One of the key ligaments that helps stabilize the knee joint is the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). The ACL connects your femur (femur) to your tibia (tibia). It is used more frequently in sports involving sudden stops and changes in direction, such as basketball, football, tennis, and volleyball.

ACL surgery is one of the most common types of knee injury surgery since ACL is the most commonly injured part of the knee. Generally, athletes who participate in intense sport hurt their ACL, and as more and more people participate in sports, more people get their ACL injured.

how long should I wear a knee brace
How long should I wear a knee brace?

As a result, orthopedic surgeons have made ACL repair a particular goal over the past 15 years. A good orthopedic surgeon can successfully reconstruct a torn ACL. How long should I wear a knee brace after ACL surgery? For a patient to fully recover, he must wear a brace for several weeks after surgery and throughout the rehabilitation.

The type of ACL injury you experience will determine how long you will need a knee brace.

The various degrees of ACL injuries include:

First-Degree Tear

With a first-degree ACL cut, your ACL stretches but does not break. You will feel tenderness and see swelling, but you will still be able to bear the weight on the joint and walk. The knee will be supported during an activity at this stage.

A first-degree rupture is not really a rupture, so you can use a splint to stabilize the joint and help it heal on its own.

How long should I wear a knee brace? Continue reading to know more

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Second-Degree Tear

A second-degree tear is more serious. In this case, the ACL is partially torn, and you will see some moderate swelling and feel some tenderness. Walking will hurt, and you may even limp. Your joint will even give out at times during activity.

Second-degree tears need a physician’s evaluation. You should go into the doctor for treatment if you cannot walk without a limp. With this tear, you may not need surgery but will certainly need a brace for a period of time as prescribed by a doctor.

Third-Degree Tear

Third-degree tears are torn ACL ligaments. If you experience a third-degree tear, you will also experience a lot of pain when you are injured. However, the pain will slowly decrease over time.

Most likely, your knee will swell a lot. As the ligament is completely torn, your knee will not be able to hold it in place and your knee will drop completely when walking.

A doctor must examine a third-degree tear. The doctor might probably suggest surgery.

No matter what type of ACL tear you suffer from, you will need a kneepad for effective treatment.

How long should I wear a knee brace? Continue reading to know more

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How To Wear A Knee Brace With Pants

A lot of people are asking how to wear a knee brace with jeans or how to wear a knee brace with pants. The answer is not far fetched.

how long should i wear a knee brace
How long should I wear a knee brace?

I must say this, please don’t let your pants keep you from protecting your knee.

You can wear a knee brace or knee support over and under the pants. If you’re wearing tight jeans or leggings, wear the knee pad over your pants.

If you have a larger knee brace with a hinge at the back, simply slide it over tight pants. If you are wearing larger pants, simply slip the brace under the pants.

Ultimately, you need to make sure your knee brace is tight enough to do its job. So wear it on your pants only if you can make sure it fits you.

How long should I wear a knee brace? Continue reading to know more

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Should I Wear a Knee Brace after Meniscus Surgery?

how long should i wear a knee brace
How long should I wear a knee brace?

Blowing out your ACL is not the only harm that can come to your knee. If ACL tears are the most common injuries, meniscus injuries should be followed closely.

The meniscus refers to two pieces of cartilage in the knee that act as shock absorbers between the lower bone (the tibia) and the upper bone of the thigh (femur). So when you hear a doctor say that the cartilage in your knee is broken, it’s probably your meniscus.

A torn meniscus usually requires meniscus surgery, where a doctor cuts any torn cartilage and prevents the meniscus from further tearing.

You will need a knee brace after a meniscus operation to avoid further injury and protect this joint. The degree of rupture of your meniscus determines the type of corset you will need.

For example, if you have had a minor or degenerative meniscus tear, you need a basic knee brace.

However, if you have torn your meniscus on both sides, you will need a ligament or articulated knee brace.

Most doctors recommend wearing a knee pad for six weeks after meniscus surgery since most bones and ligaments need at least six weeks to heal.

Sleep is your best healing tool after meniscus surgery. Keep your braces on even while sleeping. Try to keep your leg supported by a pillow, then focus on deep breathing and rest.

A knee brace after a meniscus operation will stabilize the joint and reduce the risk of damaging other parts of your body. When you have an unstable joint, your muscles will overcompensate in other parts of your body to protect this defective joint. A kneepad protects all your muscles by stabilizing the joint

How long should I wear a knee brace? Continue reading to know more

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How Tight Should A Knee Brace be?

You will want compression, a tight feeling in the knee when you wear a knee brace. You need to feel comfortable and provide the level of support you need based on your individual needs.

However, if the clamp is too tight and you start to lose circulation, it is time to loosen the straps or choose a larger brace. Rigid knee braces provide more support and a feeling of stiffness, while compression sleeves allow more movement but less support. Use a size chart to determine which flexible knee sleeve to choose based on circumference (the distance around) of your knee below the center of the patella.

How to Choose the Right Knee Brace

The right knee brace for you depends on the level of support you need and/or what your doctor recommends. This decision is based on whether or not you are recovering from an operation, the type of injury you have and the amount of movement your knee should have.


I believe I have done justice to the question; how long should I wear a knee brace? It all depends on how long you want to wear them. Sometimes your doctor may recommend a specific period for you to wear them. The time frame is not fixed.

A good knee brace will protect your knee by stabilizing it during the healing of damaged ligaments. As a result, you will not overload or extend your knee joint too much. The knee brace just won’t allow it.

You can walk and move more confidently with the brace, knowing that the brace keeps your knee under control while it heals. If you are on physical therapy, you can overcome some discomfort knowing that your joint remains stable due to the brace.

The pressure of the knee brace reduces the direct pressure of the upper leg on a damaged meniscus. This means that you can move more with less pain.

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