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should I wear an ankle brace to bed?

Should I Wear an Ankle Brace to Bed? 3 Awesome Things You Must Know!

Should I wear an ankle brace to bed? Can I wear an ankle brace to bed? These kinds of questions always pop up for people who have issues with their ankles and are using an ankle brace.

Typically, an ankle brace is used when you have an ankle injury, such as a sprain, or when you are trying to prevent an ankle injury. Ankle braces are used to immobilize the joint while providing warmth and compression to the bones. They are common in injury rehabilitation processes that affect the ankle because they are made of rigid fabric such as nylon and neoprene which allow limited mobility of the foot and are attached to the ankle by means of velcro.

This article examines and seeks to answer the question: should I wear an ankle brace to bed? This article also includes information on the various ankle braces and which are the most acceptable to use in bed.

We talked with doctors, physiotherapists, and professional athletes who suffer most of the ankle injuries if you should wear an ankle brace to bed. These experts have given us the following information and advice.

Should I wear an ankle brace to bed? Read on to know more

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Ankle Sprain

Should I wear an ankle brace to bed?
Should I wear an ankle brace to bed?

Ankle sprains are one of the most common joint injuries, and almost everyone has at least one light or sprained ankle at some point in their lives. So it’s smart to know how to treat an ankle sprain, whether you’re taking care of yourself, a family member, or your dependents.

Day-Time Care

The proven formula for the treatment of an ankle sprain carries a useful acronym: RICE, which facilitates memorization. The RICE formula means rest, ice, compression, and elevation, and each element helps reduce the discomfort associated with a sprain.

Rest is necessary to avoid worsening the injured joint. Ice can help reduce pain and swelling. Compression helps stabilize the joint, contains swelling, and provides some protection for the first 24 to 48 hours after an injury. Elevation also helps with pain and swelling; Keeping your foot on a chair or stool during the day can help you feel better.

Night-Time Care

Some elements of RICE also come into play at night, including rest and elevation. Rest is useful for general healing. If you do not stress your feet for several hours at night, this is ideal for facilitating recovery. Keeping a pillow or cushion under your foot allows you to lift the injured joint above your heart, another way to help you heal.

If your ankle doesn’t feel better after a few days of home care, see your doctor for professional help and make sure you don’t have a more serious injury like a broken bone or a broken bone.

Should I wear an ankle brace to bed? Read on to know more

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When to Wear an Ankle Brace

should I wear an ankle brace to bed
should I wear an ankle brace to bed?

I am sure that if one understands when he needs to wear an ankle brace, he will not be asking the question: Should I wear an ankle brace to bed? For me to help those asking “can I wear an ankle brace to be?” Under this section, I will be explaining when you should put on an ankle brace.

In the early 1990s, ankle braces became more frequently used in sports fields and playgrounds. This was greatly due to improved designs and models which made it less expensive to use than engraving an athlete’s ankle. Today, there are knee braces everywhere and available in many different models. Whatever the design, the purpose of these devices is to avoid injury or provide support after an injury.

“The use of ankle braces to prevent ankle injuries is becoming more common, and coaches, parents, and athletes often ask me if an ankle brace is worth wearing,” says Kurt Jacobson, a certified sports trainer with the Mayo Clinic Health System. “Recent research shows that the use of ankle braces by athletes in high schools decreases the occurrence of acute ankle injuries, but not the severity. Ankle braces have not been shown to reduce the severity of injuries to the ankle, knee, or other lower limbs. ”

The ankle ligaments, muscle and tendon units, and your ankle bones create internal supports to keep your ankle secure and safe. These internal supports are important links from foot to hip, allowing ideal performance. The ankle splints serve as external supports to limit certain movements, such as flexion/plantar inversion (movement in the ankle joint which points the foot down away from the leg and turns the foot inward) and provides information about where your ankle is in space. Jacobson says that for maximum efficiency, the ankle bracelets should fit comfortably in the shoes you wear during an activity, which also helps you stay on track.

should I wear an ankle brace to bed?
should I wear an ankle brace to bed?

“After having suffered an ankle injury, it’s important to consider rehabilitation as part of your treatment plan,” adds Jacobson. “Often if an athlete is still suffering from ankle pain, it is due to the fact that they have not had enough time to heal properly.”

He says that balance, range of motion, strength, and endurance are important factors in therapy and training in which rehabilitation providers specialize in recovery. Performing the exercises as directed helps to ensure a safe return to activity and decreases the likelihood of another injury.

“Bear in mind that when you wear an ankle brace, it is not a 100% guarantee against an injury,” says Jacobson. “To determine if wearing an ankle brace will be good for you, consult your health service provider.”

Should I wear an ankle brace to bed? Read on to know more

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Why Should I Wear an Ankle Brace to Bed?

should I wear an ankle brace to bed?
should I wear an ankle brace to bed?

Just like I earlier stated, the question of why should I wear an ankle brace to bed is one that is frequently asked. While lying on the bed, there is no weight on the ankle, so many people assume that it is not necessary to wear an ankle brace while sleeping.

So why should you wear an ankle brace to bed? The following tip should better explain how you can benefit from wearing your knee brace to bed. Aside from helping your injury heal faster, below are other things wearing a knee brace to sleep can help you do.

Should I wear an ankle brace to bed? Read on to know more

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1. To stop accidental damage

Why should you wear an ankle brace to bed? When you get up, you can do more damage to your ankle. When you get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, it is very likely that you will not take the time to put your ankle before putting your feet on the floor. Your foot may be even more injured when you get out of bed.

2. To reduce swelling

One of the most important things you should manage when you have an ankle injury is inflammation of the ankle and surrounding tissue. The swelling is painful and can be extreme. An ankle brace helps reduce the amount of swelling that occurs in the area, thereby reducing pain.

The gentle compression of the ankle brace will cause the swelling to move away from the injured area. Our body responds to injuries by rushing fluid and swelling around the area. Elevation is the best remedy for swelling, but when we sleep, it is impossible to regulate the elevation of our foot because we move during our sleep. A brace helps reduce swelling and we cannot remove it when we move around at night.

3. To limit the movement of the ankle

One of the things that an ankle brace does is to limit the range of motion of the ankle. By limiting your ability to move your ankle, the brace helps injured ligaments and tendons not to stretch and injure themselves again.

When you are in bed, there is no weight on your ankle, but you flex your foot. The flexing movement of the foot can further damage the ankle. Wearing an ankle brace to bed will allow you to sleep comfortably, but will limit the movements your ankle can perform.

When you roll over on your bed while sleeping, you can accidentally kick your leg and hit the foot-board, kick the wall, or even your sleeping partner. When you wear an ankle brace, you can turn around without injuring your ankle.

Should I wear an ankle brace to bed? Read on to know more

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Tips for Sleeping with an Ankle Brace

should I wear an ankle brace to bed?
should I wear an ankle brace to bed?
  • Make sure you have a properly fitted and adjustable ankle brace. You should measure your ankle and buy your splint accordingly. Many people try to buy their braces according to the size of their feet, but the size of their ankle and the length of their shoes are different.
  • Wear an ankle brace that has a compression clip style for maximum support and comfort.
  • Sleep in the coolest room you can tolerate so that the ankle brace does not make your ankle warm and uncomfortable.
  • Try to sleep with the ankle that has the device out of the covers. This allows the foot wearing the ankle brace to stay cooler and more comfortable.
  • Try putting talcum powder on your foot before putting the brace on your foot to reduce skin irritation.
  • Have a pillow near the foot of the bed so that you can lift your injured ankle. The elevation further reduces swelling and may alleviate some of the discomforts you experience at night.
  • If your ankle brace has adjustable straps, you need to make sure the straps are tight, but you don’t want the straps to be so tight that the clip will interfere with your blood circulation. You should be able to insert one or two fingers into the splint after tightening the straps.
  • During the night, you may need to adjust the tension of your strap to keep it comfortable and supported.

Should I wear an ankle brace to bed? Read on to know more

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Wearing Ankle Brace to Sleep

To properly give you the answer to the question: should I wear an ankle brace to bed? You need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of sleeping with an ankle brace, weigh them, and then decide if it is worth doing.

Sleeping with an ankle can be embarrassing, but it can also be rewarding. Here is a list of the pros and cons of sleeping while wearing a corset.


  1. The ankle brace supports the plantar structures, like the Achilles tendon, to remain elongated and does not support the contraction of this supporting tissue.
  2. Lessens the possibility of inflammation.
  3. Reduces stress on the medial calcaneal tubercle.
  4. Ankle Braces allow injuries to the ankle and surrounding tissue to heal faster.
  5. The ankle braces can relieve the pain of some people with diseases such as plantar fasciitis. With plantar fasciitis, people experience pain when they don’t have weights on their ankles, like when they are in bed.


  1. Ankle braces limit normal ankle movement and are considered uncomfortable or limiting by many people.
  2. Many people complain that the braces make the foot and ankle get too hot and can sweat at night.
  3. The patient may lose sleep due to the discomfort of the orthosis.

Should I wear an ankle brace to bed? Read on to know more

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9 Best Ankle Braces I recommend

For you all asking “should I wear an ankle brace to bed?” I have something awesome that I think you need. Yes! These are my 9 best ankle braces. I find them easy to use and quite affordable.

Sprained Ankle Immobilizer Brace

Zamst Ankle Brace Support Stabilizer

Neoprene Ankle Brace

Candyli Adjustable Ankle Brace

Ace Deluxe Ankle Stabilizer

Zenith Lace Up Ankle Brace

Ankle Support Brace

Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace

Trilok Ankle Brace

Should I wear an ankle brace to bed? Read on to know more

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Frequently asked Questions

should I wear an ankle brace to bed?
should I wear an ankle brace to bed?

Q1. Should I wrap a sprained ankle at night?

Ans. For most ankle injuries, you will wear a brace during the day when you are awake and active, but you will remove it when you sleep. By removing the orthosis, you open up and allow air to touch the covered skin area. If you have a severe ankle sprain or suffer from plantar fasciitis, your doctor will likely encourage you to wear a splint at night to limit movement of the ankle and keep the plantar and posterior structures elongated.

Q2. Do the ankle braces weaken the ankles?

Ans. Many people believe that they can weaken their ankles by using ankle braces to prevent them rather than simply rehabilitate them. The truth is that wearing ankle support provides additional ankle support and reduces the risk of tension, sprain, or ankle rupture.

The ankle brace is favorable and supportive just like high athletic shoes are and will not weaken the ankle muscles. If you tend to twist your ankle or walk on the side foot rather than your foot in an appropriate position, wear a splint each time you are active.

Q3. How long should you wear your ankle brace after a sprain?

Ans. The purpose of an ankle brace after an injury such as a sprain is to keep the tendons and ankle in the correct position while the injury heals. You should wear an ankle brace for two to six weeks after a sprain. Sprains can be very light and will heal quickly in about 2 weeks, or they can be severe and take six weeks or more to fully heal.

You should follow your doctor’s advice and keep your braces for as long as necessary. The splint will also reduce the amount of pain you feel while your ankle heals.


Ankle braces are used to help an ankle after being twisted, sprained, strained, broken, or repaired surgically. You can also wear an ankle brace to avoid these injuries. People who participate in sports such as basketball and volleyball are more likely to suffer from ankle injuries.

If you have an ankle sprain and you are asking the question: should I wear an ankle brace to bed? Her is the whole conclusion of the matter, it is not wrong to wear an ankle brace to bed but make sure to consult your doctor or physician to help you make the right choice.

Knowing the benefits of wearing an ankle brace can help you determine if you could benefit from it. If your ankle has been injured and the swelling or pain from the injury persists for more than 3 days, you are encouraged to see a doctor.

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