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SIHOO a Great Office Chair on Amazon , Ergonomic, Stylish & Comfortable

Now, in any office environment, there are some crucial bits of equipment. There’S the computer, which arguably is the most productive. There’S the monitor that helps. You see everything, nice and clearly and there’s the desk that everything goes on all very important, but arguably the most important piece of equipment is often the most overlooked. [ Music ], don’t forget to hit the red button to subscribe and click that notification bell to get. My next video first, my friends, this video is sponsored by Skillshare. It’S an online community where you can learn a new skill, there’s over 17,000 courses to choose from, but more about that later. The item in question is this: the humble office chair now hear me out because I spend on average 6 hours a day, 36 hours a week, 156 hours a month, one thousand eight hundred and seventy two hours a year sat on that chair. Now I’ve been looking into this because this chair has been killing my back and so therefore it needs to go some of the research. I’Ve done is really quite surprising. Ok, so that bore you to death. I picked up three main points from my research. Good posture equals good health; it can improve tiredness aches and pains and also mood. It can actually increase your productivity, and one study that I read set by up to 17 %. Morale and team spirit will also be improved. So if you are running a team, you’ll see less sick days and potentially get better staff retention, so with all of those things in mind and after hours of research, this is the chair that I went with. I have purchased it and yes, these gloves did come in the box to put it together, I’m not promoting this particular chair. It’S the principle that I want you to take from this video [, Music ]. Now, just a little bit more about our sponsor Skillshare Skillshare is an online community. With over 17,000 courses available, I recently used Skillshare to hone and improve my Final Cut Pro editing skills, but it doesn’t really matter what the subject there was just so much choice out. There, so if you fancy yourself as a budding photographer, then you can just type in photography and there’ll, be over 1,800 courses available guys. If you use the link in the description, it will give you two months. Free access to skill share. Now, once you’ve mastered the camera, you might want to learn how to edit so then use the related skills tab and then learn all about photo editing. But whatever you want to learn, I’m sure there’ll be something there that suits you all. Like me, you can check out Final Cut Pro and become a master of editing, guys check out the link in the description and remember you get two months free, and this is it. This is the finished product now in terms of cost. This was just over 200 pounds, which is around, I guess, 240 dollars. It’S a really good quality build, I’m very happy with that. I will leave the link in the description. The one thing that I absolutely love is the ergonomic design of the back and the neck, and I can definitely feel the benefit when sitting in it. However, it is quite hard, so I’m still getting used to it. By the way. Did you just see my dog there yeah she’s late, going out of her walk and she’s looking at me, giving me the evils, but guys? Let me know what you think. I think it looks great in my office with my setup. It’S the exact type of design that I wanted. It’S got that ergonomic shape to it, so it’s definitely good on the back. It is a little bit hard at the moment on the old touch seat, but I’m hoping that will give or I might have to result in a cushion. But let me know if you found a perfect chair for you thanks for watching this video. My friends, I know it’s not a standard video of mine, but I really do think it’s important that you think about the chair that you’re sitting in and spending so much time in check out these other videos that are showing up above now. And if you haven’t already hit that red button to subscribe – and I will see you on the next video

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