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Sihoo M18 Mesh Office Chair Review (Are the Positive Ratings Fake?)

[, Music, ], hey guys Michelle here from, and today I’m going to be looking at the sihu m18 if you’ve ever searched for a budget message on Amazon, you’ve likely come across this chair with almost 3 000, mostly positive ratings. At the time of this review, it looks like a smart buy, but what is the size m18 hiding in this review? I get my hands dirty and test the chair to see how it performs in real life. [Music] assembly of the cell m18 was fairly standard.

One nice touch was the inclusion of white gloves that helped save my hands from grease that was present on some of the parts one issue I did encounter was trying to get the armrests to be even in height. Symmetry could only be achieved by positioning the two armrests in totally different areas of the guide holes and this caused some unwanted frustration off the bat [Music] at around 200. The sihu m18 falls within the range of what we’d consider a budget office chair as such. The materials used I found are a mixed bag. The metal base is robust and elegant, but the casters are slightly irregular in roundness.

There is also an abundance of plastic parts, including the adjustability controls and silver looking cosmetic pieces. There is a general feeling of roughness with the upholstery, especially in the back rest as I shuffle around, which caused some static, build up. Assuming you aren’t sitting on this chair shirtless, though the roughness of the mesh back is excusable, and it does do an excellent job of keeping your back cool if you live in a hotter climate or tend to sweat a lot, this material is your friend, [Music, ] in an office chair comfort is king and the cq m18. Pleasantly surprised me in this department, at least with the seat. When I first sat down the seat on the side felt stiff and unforgiving, but I soon discovered that it just needed some time to break in once settled in the cushion on the site offers a great balance between softness and support.

I also love the w-shaped indentation that helped relieve pressure from my thighs and guided my backside to the best seating position. During the last two weeks, I’ve used the chair every day for between six to eight hours at a time and still felt supported well, ventilated and comfortable by the end in terms of dimensions. The seeker seat measures 20 inches wide by 20 inches deep. This will be adequate for most people. I have thicker thighs and still found the size of the bike seat.

More than accommodating the 20 inch depth also offered good clearance between the end of my thighs and the seat’s edge thanks to the waterfall edge design, [Music]. Lets move on to the sihu’s various ergonomic features. The headrest has a 45 degree tilt angle, as well as a three-inch height adjustability. I found the head rest useful in relieving tension from my neck. When I used it, however, it shifts out of place a little too easily.

The arm rests on the site are only height adjustable. It does offer a good range, however, and I had no issues with clearance when putting the armrests under my standard height desk or setting them high enough to be level with the desk. The tilting mechanism on the sihu looks fairly good. On paper, though, unfortunately suffers from a quality issue that permeates many facets of the chair. You can rock the backrest up to 125 degrees or lock it into what I found with three positions in between the problem is, at least with the unit I had once I tried to lock the backrest at the maximum 125 degrees.

It would often get stuck, requiring more effort to unlock than other chairs. I have tested the height adjustability of the chair targets, a more narrow range of people than I expected at its lowest setting. It was just right for me at 5′ 4 but wouldn’t be suitable for anyone shorter at its highest setting. I was able to touch the floor with my tiptoes and use the chair with a five inch high foot stool. These numbers suggest that the maximum user height for this chair is someone that measures five feet nine give or take an inch or two.

Finally, there’s the lumbar support, which, despite the cheap plastic material, does an excellent job of supporting the lower back. It can be adjusted for both height and depth and, unlike the headrest resisted, shifting my sister and I are the same height but differing that I have longer legs and she has a longer torso using the up down adjustment on the lumbar support. Both of us could find that sweet spot. The sihu m18 is a decent office, chair ergonomically, but it is sadly weighed down by inconsistent, build quality. The good news is that, overall, it is a comfortable chair and the issues I found are more nuisances than deal breakers.

The comfortable seat and adaptive lumbar support in particular are worth praising the finicky tilt mechanism and rather loose headrest, not so much. Thank you for watching. You can follow the link in the description to read the full review of this chair on, where you can also browse other chair reviews, as well as get guides and articles that can help you improve your office, health and ergonomics, [, Music], you

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