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Sihoo M57 Ergonomic Chair

Sihoo M57 Ergonomic Chair Unboxing, Assembly and Review (English subtitle) (Tagalog)


It has finally arrived to me the Sihoo M57 ergonomic chair from Furnitura. I waited for this one for about 3 weeks. The reason why I bought this ergonomic chair is my Raidmax. Drakon 706 is already broken and wobbly. I didn’t bother to look for another gaming chair, specifically leather ones, because of the hot climate in the Philippines, especially inside my room. Even if the fan is blowing directly on me, my legs and back will still get sweaty.

Another reason why I chose an ergonomic chair is because I’m getting older and do get a lot of body pains specially my back sign of ageing. Also, I want try. If an ergonomic chair is really effective for the human body. I will now give you my experience and review for this chair, but before anything else, I’m going to unbox and assemble the chair first I’ll start the review on the headrest


The headrest has mesh fabric same as on its backrest and seat

Its height is adjustable up to 3.9 inches and you can tilt it by 45 degrees. The armrest’s material is leather, Its quality is better than my gaming chair. The surface is flat and there is a hard foam inside, but it is okay, It’s not as hard as its plastic frame of this M57. The armrest is 3D adjustable. You can rotate, it outwards inwards, but only up to 36 degrees. You can’t rotate it easily because you need a liitle force or effort to move the armrest

This is the maximum height. When adjusted, You can also adjust the armrest forwards and backwards. I like this feature, because I can now adjust the armrest so that it will not hit the back of my guitar. Its base is made of aluminum and its wheels are part rubber and aluminum. Its tilting mechanism is a common center tilt or swivel tilt.


You can adjust the height/gaslift by using this lever.

Push it down to lower the height and/or, push it again to increase the height, but you need to stand up first, so that the chair can elevate The tilting mechanism. You need to push this towards your direction, to lock the reclining feature, then pull it to unlock and be able to recline the chair again. You can also lock it while chair in reclined position like this. This is not like most gaming chairs that you can recline to the point that you can lay on it and sleep. This is as far as how the angle of reclining feature can get.

If you recline it, the seat will go after the backrest. There is also a tension knob below the chair, ( tension knob for the tilt mechanism ). This is one of the main features of the Sihoo M57 ergonomic chair, which is the mesh fabric. The mesh fabric is also stitched with nylon. I think The first time I sat on the seat. It felt a bit hard, but it is now the 4th day of using this and it is getting fairly softer.


Underneath the seat is a hollow which air can really pass through. That is why it feels cooler

On the edge of the seat is a soft foam. It is positioned where the back side of the knee is The seat is curved and, unlike other chairs, with flat seat surface, like my gaming chair, My body is still adjusting because my posture feels different while sitting on it. This is how curved it is feels like it is slightly sunk, while I’m resting my back on the backrest

The height chair is also a little high for me, because my height is only 5′ 3” This. What is it feet looks like when the the height is on its peak. Let us go to the backrest, Also one of the main features of the Sihoo M57


Like the seat, it is also made of mesh fabric and stitched with nylon strands.

It is soft Because it is mesh. I can feel the breeze passing through it. You can really feel it, especially when the fan is blowing behind to your back, Unlike the design of other gaming chairs, which you are a bit hunched when leaning back this one feels like it is designed for the structure of a human spine. The M57 also has a lumbar support feature.

It is the same as the Sihoo m18 has. Their lumbar support is really simple, which you can raise and lower the height. You can also adjust the tension of the lumbar support for your back. The height adjustment of this M57 is not enough for me. It can’t hit the sweet spot of my lumbar. The height lacks a very small amount.



I have to slouch so that it can trigger the sweet spot ( for the lack of a better word. ) Here are my final thoughts about the chair. It took me a month before I ordered this from Furnitura, because I was really looking for an ergonomic chair that is well made comfortable and budget friendly. I give this Sihoo M57 a thumbs up because with my Drakon 706 leathered gaming, chair I’ll just sit on it for several minutes play games or work for a short time. When I stand up, my legs and back are already soaking with sweat, but with this Sihoo M57 I’ll just turn the AC on for 10 minutes and then turn it off even without the fan on. I won’t be sweating. As long as of my room’s, ambient temperature is cool.


It feels cool because there’s no more heat build up on under my legs and on my back because of the breathable mesh fabric, which M57 has

One of the things I liked about Sihoo M57 is the solid build. It is sturdy. I tried to shake and lean on the armrests as hard as I can. The chair didn’t show any fragility, I’m still getting used to its curved seat. It feels weird, while I’m resting my back on the backrest Another one is the insufficient height of the lumbar support.

It didn’t meet the needs of my back. The height is not enough. It can’t hit the sweet spot of my lumbar D. I also want to say that the longest time I sat on the Sihoo M57 is 3 hours without standing up In those 3 hours. I didn’t experience back, pains or any sort of body pains For me. It is reasonable for it to get a price of 8,699php



You’Ll get a well-built real, ergonomic, chair and mesh fabric. Solid. This chair is solid and is bang for the buck. You won’t regret it. I almost forgot the chair has an odor. I don’t like it.

I get headaches because of it literally, It is the 4th day of the chair inside my room and the odor is still present Thanks to Furnitura, where I bought this Sihoo M57, especially to the staff who answered my questions. Thank YOU, PO. I hope this review helped. You in choosing your new chair,



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