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Vriksasana posture brace review

Vriksasana Posture Brace Review – Best 2020 Update

“In this post, Vriksasana Posture Brace review, I will be telling you all you need to know about this particular posture corrector.”

Living in the modern age is not as exciting as you might think. The vast majority of people have an office job where they sit 6 to 8 hours a day looking at a computer screen. At the end of the day, there is very little time to exercise. This lifestyle will lead to health problems.

A common problem that most people have is with their posture. We see women and men with hunch backs, shoulders pushed forward, and necks that are tilted forward rather than standing straight. It is not reversible, but if nothing is done, it will only get worse.

Poor posture can lead to a variety of aches, pains, and health issues. Poor posture is associated with neck, shoulder, and back pain. People can develop poor posture just out of habit, and correcting it without a device can be difficult. Certain medical conditions can also promote poor posture. For example, osteoporosis can flex some people’s back, leading to a hunched or slouched posture that tightens the neck.

In addition, few people can maintain an upright posture by themselves. They need to retrain their muscles, strengthening the parts that have been weakened due to poor posture habits.

One of the simplest ways to solve such a common problem is to get a posture corrector. A posture corrector is essentially a harness that pulls the shoulders back. Most of them are discreet and cannot be seen under a shirt, while others are larger, bulky and can be worn during exercise.

In this post, Vriksasana posture brace review, I will give you an overview of the Vriksasana posture brace. This device will help you maintain the correct posture effectively.

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Vriksasana Posture Brace at a Glance

Vriksasana posture brace review
Vriksasana posture brace review

Vriksasana posture brace will help you straighten your back comfortably.

Are you looking for an affordable brace that combines all the features you get from expensive models? It must be your lucky day because you came across Vriksasana posture brace, a spine straightener that takes the good qualities of its competitors and improves them!

Its ergonomic “figure eight” design makes the process of fitting the splint and adjusting the straps fairly easy. The straps themselves are long enough to fit in a 28 to 48 inch chest, which is suitable for just everybody in the family. This is very useful in fact because some back pain problems run in families and preventive measures are the best.

The Vriksasana Posture Corrector does not restrict your range of motion and does not provide a rigid form of support, which can lead to long-term muscle weakness. It is simply a tool to help you increase your posture awareness and build a good posture habit.

“This posture corrector gently pulls my shoulders back each time I start to lean. The pads supplied with the clip make the rear clip very comfortable to wear, even the armpit area” says

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Vriksasana Posture Brace Review

Vriksasana posture brace review
Vriksasana posture brace review

Vrikasana Posture Brace will certainly help improve posture by using it constantly for long periods. It is a simple harness that can be worn under clothing without being too visible. The only noteworthy part is the Velcro strap under the arms.

According to the specifications, the posture corrector can be used by people with a chest measurement between 28 and 48 inches. It is designed to sit close to the body and is made of stretch fabric to adapt well.

In terms of comfort, the harness is easy to adjust. It has neoprene padding which makes it soft and comfortable. It is also lightweight and can be used by men and women because it has a universal design. The moment you put it on, Vriksasana will immediately lift your shoulders and align your thoracic spine.

One other thing that the Vriksasana device has is its lightness and softness. While most products of this type pull on your shoulders and start to feel too stiff after a few hours of use, the Vriksasana offers gentle traction thanks to its cotton lining. In addition, the neoprene shell is breathable and moisture resistant. If you want a straight back but don’t want to compromise on comfort, the Vriksasana brace is the perfect choice for you.

“I am a sloucher and I have to sit in front of a computer 10 hours a day. I wear this posture corrector 2 hours at a time and twice a day, and it has made a difference in my posture and relieves my neck pain. I also use the pads provided with the brace to make the armpit area more comfortable. No complaints so far!” – Tracy Nowak

You can use the Vriksasana posture brace at any time! The manufacturers suggest you wear the brace for 1 to 3 hours straight and as often as you like. Wrap the comfort pads around the armpit area to make the device more comfortable! You can use it at home, in the office, at the gym or when you go hiking or biking. The splint is so light and discreet that it is almost undetectable under a shirt.

We want to point out that some users have complained straps under the armpits are too tight, so maybe try to fix the straps a little wider than necessary so that you are comfortable with the brace.

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Characteristic Features


The Vriksasana posture brace has a non-restrictive design suitable for men and women and adolescents and adults. Velcro straps allow for easy adjustment.

“I only used the belt for 2 hours a day and it already helped my posture! It is very easy to put on and take off. And I like that the adjustable straps are at the front, so it’s very easy for me to adjust the tension if necessary.” – Shirly


Immediately you wear the posture brace, it will push the shoulders into an ideal position, realigning the thoracic spine and supporting the upper and middle back. Over time, the posture corrector will help correct and lessen the negative symptoms of poor posture, including the back, shoulder and neck pain, and tension headaches.


The figure-eight ergonomic padded neoprene design of the Vrisasana posture brace provides maximum comfort and support.


The Vrisasana Posture brace neoprene is light, breathable, latex-free, and very resistant to water, weather, and daily wear and tear.


The Vrisasana Posture brace is thin and discreet. It fits easily under a shirt and can be used in a variety of settings and activities, for example in the office.

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The front clavicle strap adjustment design allows you to put on the position corrector yourself and easily adjust the strap tension throughout the day.


Vriksasana posture brace offers a roll of 2 wide kinesiology tape as another discreet alternative to our back brace. The kinesiology tape will remind the person using the tape when his posture begins to fail by giving a slight tug on the skin. The Kinesio tape also relieves pressure on the painful points in the back and sends a correct signal to the muscles allowing them to relax.


  • Padded neoprene fabric for more comfort.
  • Easy to adjust with velcro straps.
  • Light and easy to use.
  • Can be worn under clothing


  • Some people complained the straps under the armpit can be too tight.

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Vriksasana posture brace review
Vriksasana posture brace


The idea behind the design of the Vriksasana posture brace is to pull your shoulders back, lift your chest, and constantly align your neck, upper back, and shoulders. With its help, your body will adapt to the ideal position where your chest muscles stretch and your back muscles contract. Walk higher and with more confidence!

After reading this post; Vriksasana posture brace review, I believe you now have full knowledge of what this posture brace can do and what it cannot do.

However, this article; Vriksasana posture brace review is not the final authority for you, always consult with your doctor for informed decisions whether or not you have to get a posture corrector.

But if you have been advised by your doctor to get a posture corrector, I believe this article on Vriksasana posture brace review must have pointed you in the right direction.

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