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Lose 5lbs of water weight in 30min

We’Re going to check my weight now we’re going to workout for a half an hour, see how much weight I can lose. My weight is 170. Seven point: three: we’re going to start off with our sauna suit. Neoprene two millimeter sauna suit kutting weight, sauna suit, we’re going to put on the pants 1.7 millimeter sauna suit pant.

It’S got the drawstring new wear socks. I, like the thick socks because you’re going to be sweating a lot and a majority of that sweat is going to go down into your feet, got the cutting weight. Neoprene sauna shirt, 1.7 millimeter, putting it on over top. It’S got the thumb, holes and the side zipper and we’ve got the cutting weight.

Neoprene hat make sure to trap that heat in on your head all right, so we’re ready for a cutting weight. Workout we’re going to have our sweat towels and our watch we’re going to do one-minute exercises and we’re going to do it for 30 minutes. Try to keep your recovery time low to get enough exercises in at the end, we’ll do our cooldown. So the first exercise we’re going to do for a minute is just the squat we’re going to go down to the hips or to the knees and then up so the next exercise. We’Re going to do is lunges after the squats going for one minute and the next exercise we’re going to do is push-ups.

Let those legs rest one minute and go, and the next exercise exercise we’re going to do with sit-ups next exercise. We’Re going to do is a side, squat, lunge and then X. Exercise we’re going to do is jump it in place with an imaginary jump rope. Next exercise, we’re going to do is knee high, run seven minutes and I’m sweating really good. Next exercise.

I want to keep that sweat, going. Jumping jacks next exercise, butt kickers next exercise. Dips on the chair. Next exercise is a step up, so it’s been 11 minutes and I’ve got a really good sweat going we’re going to do sit-ups with the ball 12 minutes. Next exercise, we’re going to do is plank with our feet on the ball.

Next exercise. We’Re going to do is sprawling on the ball. Now we’re going to go ahead and back two spots and repeat it all over yet so now I’ve worked out for 30 minutes. So it’s 30 different exercises. Now I want to focus on resting and sweating, make sure and keep the clothes on for at least 10 minutes, sometimes 30 or more.

If you’re trying to lose more weight, we’re just trying to go over a 30 minute workout to see how much weight I can lose with all the songs suit clothing from cutting weight, I’ve got a really good sweat. As you can see my hands, you can see the texture, it looks like they’ve been soaking, wet and water, the whole time and the rest of my skin. So I know I sweat quite a bit probably lost about 5 or 6 pounds and a half an hour of exercise. So that’s pretty good. So I’m going to do.

Is I’m just going to undress and weigh myself and then up? Somebody’S socks are soaking wet. It’S good to wear thick socks, and you know you get a workout when you can wring them out like that, opens up the shirt easiest way to take it off, use this some zipping it and then bringing it over you and to wash it hanging out in The rinse it off in the shower and let it hang to dry, you don’t really have to throw them in the washing machine as long as you do it right away. The only way it’ll stink is, if you don’t rinse it off the same day. You work out so check out my weight now one.

Seventy two point, two, so five one. Seventy two point: two cut down from 177 lost five pounds in 30 minutes;

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