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Scoliosis, How to Self-Mobilize at Home to Improve Posture

Bob and Brad the two most famous physical therapist on the Internet, [ Music, ] well, hi there folks, I’m Bob Shrum physical therapist rad, I’m a physical therapist and the most famous physical therapist and in our opinion, of course, Bob in our secret bunker. Once again, today, we’re gon na talk about scoliosis how to self mobilize at home to improve your posture. This is by the work of Steve Auguste. Isn’T it Brad right? I presume Austria, New Zealand, Australia.

I think it was New Zealand. Sorry, Steve he’s gon na get mad by the way. If you new to our Channel, please take a second to subscribe to us. We provide videos how to stay healthy, fit pain-free and we upload every day also we’re always doing a giveaway. Although we’re in between right now, it’ll start tomorrow, go to Bob and Brad comp go to the giveaway section, see what we’re gon na be giving away on Sunday or if you go to Facebook, it’ll be pinned at the top of the page.

The contest. That is what a short version of us go: tick-tock, Twitter or Instagram. With 60 seconds of Bob and Brad a day there you go nice work. Are you ready, yeah, I’m ready? Okay, so a scoliosis have a number of many people over the years.

Ask us to do exercises. What can they do? Ask Rollie Oasis – and this is the probably one of the best things we can come up with scoliosis to treat it through. Physical therapy is really a special, very specialized all right, but we got something here that we found that you can do at home, especially probably for a milder case. Exactly they’re gon na help the person who has severe scoliosis right and what we need to do.

You do have to purchase something for this sure it is a back pod and we’ve endorsed this before I like to use it for my costochondritis Bob uses it for his pasture. I use it. I I am a big fan, but look I’m just gon na warn people Brad is expensive. Yeah – and I know people complain that it’s pricey, but I you know, we know Brad and I have created products herself and when you have to have molds made, and you have to give the products and you’re not a big company, it ends up being a lot More than you want to be, and you got ta pay, Amazon, money and yeah, it’s it’s, but you know if it works. It’S worth it’s like.

80 bucks. You know you know in the medical field. I don’t think that really expensive, but here it is the book. Now Steve talks about, if you have we mentioned, if it’s a serious case, the scoliosis is probably not good gon na work in this friend, oh yeah mild case yeah, here’s the book that and Steve il Gasol. She also recommends get this book and use it for reference yeah.

So the book is this one’s this basically called Shroff therapy. It’S based upon the work of Katharina Shroff’s she’s since passed, but she she really knew her stuff and and ideally, what you’re gon na do. This is going to be way beyond your capabilities. To read this. It really is mine to mine yeah, but no I mean I understood it, but it, but it’s if you don’t work with it right.

You don’t really know what you’re doing so. You’Re gon na want to seek out a Schroth therapist someone who’s been trained in this Ross method. So, and you know the thing what we’ve got here is to show the technique that Steve mentions with the back pad Bob actually has, and this is how you determine if you have stolen goalie. Oh, this is a visual test, so Bob let’s just stand up. Can you get him in the screen there?

Okay, so Bob is gon na stand. It’S gon na put his hands together like this and he’s just gon na bend forward and I’m gon na point out. You may have to go up a little bit Bob. What’S up, what do you mean? Keep your head down, you know, just, can you see the difference so here we got.

The ribcage here is lower than the ribcage here, in other words, the yellow stripe. I put on you can see it’s higher, it’s a little bit higher, so this is a side we want to treat now. This is pretty mild Bob. We don’t think bob has scoliosis he’s got another issue. We don’t have to get into Bob we’re, not gon na talk about your your thing.

You know my three, this anterior, you don’t care how they worked uh. So now what we’re gon na do want. You turn around Bob yep. So this is the way Steve recommends to use this you’re gon na put it not on the spine, but over to the two inches from the spine on the high side. So it’s gon na be where the yellow stripe is so Bob’s.

You want to demonstrate that sure I’ll put that down for you, I’m trying to maintain my mommy lady, this way or shyly. I was thinking head or lie. Yeah yeah we’ve got to make sure we get our grammar properly we’re gon na get so I’m gon na go ahead and find the spot, and what’s nice about this thing, is it stays right in place? Yeah I mean you can try like a tennis ball and put a towel over the top of it, and that feels similar to this mm-hmm. But it’s it the rolls around.

Then you don’t mean it yeah hard to keep in place for a lot of you. This is going to be too harsh to start off with and that Spri Brad’s putting a towel there, because if you haven’t done this before it’s, it’s probably gon na be a little bit too aggressive, especially if you don’t have a lot of muscle there right and You also may need a pillow. I don’t need one Brad. No, I wasn’t gon na get you a nice butt for someone else. They might need a pillow.

They may even need to put a pillow over that spot now, with this you’re gon na want to bring your arms out like this correct right and you’re gon na want to take some nice relaxed, deep, breaths cuz. You want the ribcage moving while you’re mobilizing it. So breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth and again you’re letting your arm just try to elbows relax down to the floor again. You know I could actually go down like this even yeah. I could put this under there, but I can’t see that yeah, I don’t know if they can see it.

Anyways Brad from the camera. You just hit what spot or disease yeah it’s just on the high side and go up and down vertically yeah. You could tell when you’re not on the high spot anymore right, you know – and one thing he said is critical, which is true with all physical therapy. You need to do this consistently on a daily basis for quite a while before you’re gon na see some results and again it’s not a guarantee, but it’s one way that he recommends and yeah. I would attest to that too, because it took me a while before I you’ve done it now too, for your costochondritis.

But what I do is I actually go up to the steps and I put my foot on the railing crush my hamstring. While I’m doing this boys Asia yeah two for the price a lot, it works all really great. It’S really relaxing it’s a good idea. They can see how they yeah you have that set. Their thing is solid.

By the way I mean one of these days, we’re gon na run the car over it. Well, I think we should get a dump truck. Maybe we can get one from the town yeah there we go, give it the ultimate. Did we mention that other underlying factors that people should be aware of you’re gon na have to see a doctor a therapist to assistance if you have a leg length difference? Oh, if you have a leg length, difference muscle imbalance, SI sacroiliac problem.

Those are things that can influence your yeah if you follow longer than the other. That can definitely affect your scoliosis right. So make sure you get this from all different angles, and you know it’s the best we can offer you watch it. Folks, [, Music, ], you

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