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The best athletic knee braces

10 Best Athletic Knee Braces

Whether you have suffered a serious sports injury and/or are recovering from knee surgery, there may come a time when you will need to purchase a knee brace for additional support. This article presents you with the 10 best athletic knee braces.

If you know someone who is very involved in sporting activities, especially contact sports like football basketball, or running, you’ve probably seen them wearing a knee brace. Sports knee braces are used to prevent and treat sports injuries and are gaining popularity among athletes.

Doctors are prescribing knee braces for more athletes, and therefore more studies on the effects are underway. Some doctors question the effectiveness of the knee braces. Other coaches only allow their players to use them in practice, for fear of limiting their playing power.

Before going talking about the 10 best athletic knee braces in detail, let us first of all look at the types of knee braces. Knowing these different types of knee braces will enable you to choose the right one for you. Please read on…

Types of Knee Braces

There are 4 main types of knee braces, but three are mainly used in athletes.

1. Prophylactic -protect from injuries
2. Functional – support knees that have been injured in the past
3. Rehabilitative – limit harmful knee movement during healing.
4. Unloader/offloader- these are not used by athletes but instead help with arthritis pain

Functional knee braces are the most common athletic knee braces. Thousands of Acute Cruciate Ligament (ACL) surgeries are performed on athletes every year. Functional knee braces are used as substitutes for the damaged ligaments. The ACL is a knee ligament that provides stability.

The Best athletic knee braces will provide rigid support and also improve athlete control of the knee. There are different types of functional knee pads, but studies have shown that they all have similar results although some will produce better results. As more and more young athletes undergo ACL surgery or ACL tears, this type of brace is becoming more and more popular among athletes.

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All athletes and coaches would like to have something to prevent knee injuries. A torn ligament can reduce an athlete’s playing time. There is also the threat of permanent disability. These possibilities mean that many athletes wear athletic knee braces during training and even during games. Studies have shown that prophylactic braces can help prevent injuries.

The knee is exposed and very vulnerable during sports activities and, due to its large size, it is often injured. In athletics, knee braces have two functions. They are designed to protect the athlete from previous knee injuries. it also provides support for the knee to reduce pain. It also helps prevent the knee from injuring itself again while it heals. The best athletic knee braces also protect the knee during intensive contact sports and prevent the knee from being injured.

Doctors often suggest knee braces and should always be worn as directed. It should be placed where the knee bends. The best athletic knee braces are usually attached with tape, straps, or a hook system. While these methods hold the clamp in place, it is important to double-check that the hinges are where the knee bends for optimal support.

Note: Misuse of any knee brace can cause more injury.

10 Best Athletic Knee Braces

We have selected a list of the 10 best athletic knee braces so that you can choose the option that best suits your needs.

1. Bracoo Knee Support

The best athletic knee bracesThe first brace on our list of the best athletic knee braces is the Bracoo knee support. The Bracoo Knee Support is an open splint that relieves pressure and stress while leaving room for breathing and flexibility. Its unique design combined with thick neoprene padding makes it the best running knee brace at such an affordable price.


  • Stabilizing ring keeps the ball joint in the right position while providing sufficient support.
  • Velcro straps and fitted cut add an extra layer of safety and protection.
  • Easy to wear under clothing thanks to its slim nature.

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2. Powerlix Compression Knee Sleeve

The best athletic knee bracesThe next on our list of best athletic knee braces is the Powerlix compression sleeve. The Powerlix compression knee brace is marketed as one of the best basketball knee braces thanks to its knitted design with silicone gel support straps. It offers incredible safety and comfort as well as unique features like breathable fabric and compression technology.


  • Apply pressure to the knee joint to provide protection.
  • The attractive blue and black design feature compression technology and superior support.
  • A 100% money-back guarantee provides an additional level of security.

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3. UFlex Compression Knee Brace

The best athletic knee bracesThe third brace on this list of the best athletic knee braces is the Uflex compression brace. As one of the best athletic knee braces available, the UFlex knee compression knee brace offers unrivaled support at an incredible price. It has a number of advantages, such as compression and heating technology for faster recovery, making the UFlex case an affordable option for amateur and high-performance athletes.


  • Non-slip silicone keeps the brace locked onto the knee for protection and support.
  • There are different sizes to choose from whether it be for an adult of for a child.
  • Optimal compression relieves pain and reduces the risk of injury.

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4. Techware Pro Knee Support

The best athletic knee bracesThe Pro Knee Brace is an attractive Techware design that combines style, comfort, and unrivaled support. It includes a unique adjustable band that stabilizes the patella while reducing pain and the risk of injury. The practical, moisture-wicking and breathable neoprene add to your safety and comfort, making it the best knee support for the runner.


  • Compression is tight and keeps the knee locked in place.
  • The open ball joint and the adjustable stabilizer provide flexibility and breathing space.
  • One of the best athletic knee braces due to quality materials and design.

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5. Crucial Compression Knee Sleeve

The best athletic knee bracesThis pair of Crucial Compression knee braces are quality and are a very affordable option for athletes from all walks of life. Guaranteed to provide immediate relief, these knee sleeves are uniquely designed with Power Support technology which increases circulation and blood flow while providing a tight and supportive fit.


  • It provides a snug and comfortable fit that supports the knee while providing ample circulation.
  • Crucial Compression ComfortFlex design leaves knees at the full range of motion.
  • Non-slip grip and quality materials make it one of the best compression knee supports

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6. Berter Knee Brace

The best athletic knee bracesThe next knee brace on this list of the best athletic knee braces is the Berter knee brace. Thanks to its powerful injury prevention technology and its fitted cut, the Berter knee brace is one of the best knee braces for sporting activities. This classic black and white design feature comfortable fabric and moisture-wicking fabric for breathable safety that leaves you safe and ready to play. We recommend the strapless version as the best knee brace for football.


  • Stretch fabric and 3D knitting technology provide quality ergonomic support for all athletes.
  • Non-slip injury prevention padding keeps your knee secure and ready to play.
  • 100% guarantee guarantees full satisfaction or refund.

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7. Exous Knee Brace Support Protector

The best athletic knee bracesThe Exous Knee Brace is one of the most expensive devices on our list due to its 4-way compression system which keeps your knee safe. Several straps hold the clamp in place, while the open patella design provides improved mobility and comfort. The lycra lining and functional support provide optimal protection for intensive sports.


  • It provides all-day comfort with the unique design of the open ball joint and strap system.
  • The all-black design offers a slim profile to wear with or without clothes.
  • One of the best rated orthopedic devices on the market with a total satisfaction guarantee.

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8. Vive Hinged Knee Brace

The best athletic knee bracesWith a very unique design, the Vive Hinged knee brace is the next on our list of the best athletic knee braces. The Vive articulated knee support offers a comfortable fit and support for athletes of all types. The superior compression system provides unmatched resistance and stability against injury. Exclusive aluminum support hinges offer lateral movement, making it one of the best athletic knee braces for running.


  • Breathable fabric and open patella design make it breathable.
  • Articulated mobility provides medial and lateral support.
  • Very solid grip system for a comfortable and secure fit

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9. Sable Knee Brace Patella Strap

The best athletic knee bracesThe next brace on this amazing list of the best athletic knee braces is the sable knee strap. As the only knee strap on our list, the Saber knee strap works as an FDA registered medical device to prevent damage and eliminate pain. The simple and lightweight design provides a unique compression support system for all athletes. The electric support and the low cost make it one of the best knee braces on our list.


  • FDA registered as a medical device for safety and efficacy.
  • The light and comfortable system creates little stress and leaves plenty of room to breathe.
  • Lifetime warranty provides the best customer service and support.

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10. Shock Doctor Knee Pad

The best athletic knee bracesAs the most expensive knee brace on our list of the best athletic knee braces, the Shock Doctor is not without great features and awesome performance. The unique bilateral hinges offer incredible mobility and support while providing your knee with a maximum range of motion. Plus, the exclusive Shock Doctor strap system secures your leg with a patent-pending design that hugs the shapes for the perfect fit.


  • Bilateral hinges provide balance and support for the knee.
  • Antimicrobial and breathable fabric for a comfortable fit.
  • Maximum performance and stability make it the best athletic knee brace.

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How to Choose the Right Knee Brace

To choose the best athletic knee brace, you must first understand the purpose for which you need the brace. Once you have identified the purpose of your knee brace, you can find the one that best suits your needs. For example, if you are trying to stay safe during a sport like soccer or football, a prophylactic brace or a knee sleeve is certainly the best option for you.

But if you’ve already been injured and need over-the-counter help, it’s probably the best option for wearing a functional brace. Just know that it’s best to see your health care professional if you have serious concerns about your condition.

If you already understand the need, it’s time to move on to find the right one that will fit your leg. There are several different things to keep in mind when looking for the right knee brace.

Things to Consider When Buying a Knee Brace

  • Function

As we have seen, the function of your orthopedic device should be your main concern. You should be sure to choose a knee brace that meets your needs or injuries.

  • Material

There are several different materials that are used in producing knee braces. The most affordable sleeves or prophylactic options on the market are elastic or silicone. The more expensive functional options use foam and plastic, while the best rehabilitation knee pads are often made of metal and proprietary materials.

  • Size

Depending on the size of your knees, you will need to find an orthosis that meets your specifications. Most prophylactic orthotics are available in a variety of sizes that cover most consumers, but you should see the description of each product to get the exact measurements. In addition, more expensive assistive devices and rehabilitation may require a custom order.

  • Comfort

An important factor in choosing the best athletic knee brace is comfort! Since the best athletic knee braces are designed to prevent or treat injuries, you will likely use them a lot. Choose an option that emphasizes lasting comfort.

  • Support

The best athletic knee braces offer a lot of support for your knees, whatever the conditions. When you find the right one, read the manufacturer’s recommendations for use, and check user reviews. This will give you a better idea of ​​the appearance of the brace. Also look for options that have been proven to offer assistance or performance guarantees; there are many on our list above.

What Else to Look Out For…

Choosing the best athletic knee braces always comes down to finding the perfect fit for you. Since there is no single solution, do your research to find the best option.

Please note that many braces offer additional benefits such as compression technology, padding, and breathable fabric. These can be great opportunities depending on how you plan to wear your knee brace.

Once you’ve made your decision, it’s time to put it into practice. Wearing a kneepad is a fairly simple process that will keep your knees strong and healthy in the long run.

Wearing a Knee Brace

So, have you decided on the perfect knee brace, and are you ready to try it? Perfect!

The best athletic knee braces come with different clothing requirements, underpants, velcro, buckles, and more. Most injury prevention knee pads slide in and out within seconds for added comfort and ease of use. However, the more expensive options and intensive functional or rehabilitative devices require a little more thought.

To help you use your orthopedic device effectively, we found some great videos on YouTube. They show you the best way to put on your knee brace in just over a minute. Watch them with keen attention. It will help.


The athletic knee braces have proven useful for athletes today. With the increase in knee injuries and knee surgeries and new technologies being developed daily, more will be learned and studied on knee braces. Their function will develop and continue to help athletes stay in the game despite knee injuries. They will also prevent injuries that could rule them out permanently.

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