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Best Chairs for Work at Home 2021 | (TOP 5 Office Chairs)

In this video i’m going to be talking about thebest five chairs for work at homein 2021, also known as office chairs. My goal with this video is to help making yourbuying decisions easier and to save you time, andeffort and confusion, because guess what? If you tryand find an office chair right now, you’re goingto be hella confused because there are like morethan a thousand office chairs on amazon. I had tosqueeze my brain to try and find you the rightoffice chair. My ultimate wish is i saved youtime and effort, and frustration and hopefullyyou will actually find something that you likethat is of high quality.

One last thing: i don’town any of the chairs in this video. This videois, based mainly on research but hopefullymy goal, is to help you find a good chair. So coming up at number five, we have thehbada office chair, ergonomic desk chairnow this office chair for work at home, isgoing to be the best cheap office chair in 2021at. Around 160, i know it’s not dirt cheapbut anything cheaper than this and you aregoing to end up falling on your head. So what’sgood about this chair Hbada are a professionaloffice furniture supplier and they have becomereally well known for their excellent productsand services.

Their top production lines are fromgermany and italy, and they have created a verygreat reputation for themselves and that’swhy. I think you should trust this manufacturerokay. So now, what’s good about this chair first ofall, you get double s ergonomics, meaning that youget support for your lower back curve and also foryour neck curve, and you also get a modern sleekdesign. Now, to be honest, it will look reallynice in any modern setup. As you can see, herethe chair is fully reclining and you can lock therecline at any angle.

Between 90 to 150. Degreeswhich makes it a perfect option if you want torelax a little. So basically, you can also lock thisthing. So even if you tilt back to 150 degrees, youcan just lock it there, so you can stay there. Andi think that’s a pretty cool feature, and here arethe chair measurements.

If that interests you theother cool thing, is you get an eight centimeterthick cushion in this chair and it also has ahigh strength mesh, just like the more premiumoffice chairs? Okay, so the adjustable things inthis chair are, you can adjust the height youcan, adjust the angle that you recline in youcan, also adjust the headrest up and down. Andyou can also change the angle of the headrestand. One of the most things i like aboutthis chair is even though it’s pretty cheapyou do still get a fully metal base, rather thanplastic, which you normally find on cheaper chairsand. If you’re worrying about the gas lift don’tworry, the gas lift is sgs certified, which meansthat it is safe and reliable and it will lasta long time.

So this is a great overall chairfrom hbada, with many great reviews and alsohas. Many people satisfied with the overallcomfort and the coolest thing for me – is it’s notflashy, but it still looks elegant and it looksvery classy in any modern office or setup hbadaare, also known to have great customer support, stop right there. I forgot to tell you somethingif you’re, enjoying this video. Please make sureto like the video and subscribe. If you have anyquestions comment down below and i’ll try, my bestto answer them so coming up number four we havethe gabrylly ergonomic mesh office, chair thishigh, back chair for work at home, is one of thebest mid-range price options that you can getyou get all the bangs and Whistles but withoutbreaking your bank, so you get lumbar supportplus neck support.

You also get a large meshsheet and a mesh back for added comfort, andbreathability and support okay. So what aboutadjustability? You can flip these armrests upso if you’re, not if you’re worried about them notfitting under your desk. You can do that and youcan also adjust the armrest height using theblack button on the side and the backrest cantilt from 90 degrees to 120 degrees and the neckrest can be adjusted up and down, and you can alsoadjust the angle or the tilt of the neck. Restthe tension of the seat, tilting backwards is alsocontrolled using a knob and the maximum weight onthis chair is 280 pounds which is pretty awesomeand here are the dimensions of the chair and theinstallation of this chair is very easy, with mostpeople assembling the chair on their own within 15To 20 minutes – and you also get all the necessarytools for installation and the other cool bonuswith.

This chair is you get a one year, warrantywith very satisfactory. Customer support: okay, whatabout, the gas lift, the gas lift is sgs certifiedjust, like the subscriber, so make sure to smashthat subscribe button done. Okay, thanks overallthis is a great quality chair for the price. Andi. Don’T think you can really go wrong with itand.

I, however, i don’t really recommend thischair for tall people. Anyone above six foot onei, wouldn’t recommend this chair for becausemany people above six foot one had problemsi also wouldn’t recommend it for people shorterthan five foot, five, one quick tip you’re gon na bespending about eight hours a day on this chair, somake sure to invest a good Amount of money in thechair, because in the long run it’s gon na pay, backyou’re gon na feel more productive and more healthyin. The long run, and also usually the moreexpensive office chairs, have a better warrantyso you’ll be covered for three or five yearssometimes, and that would be an amazing thingso. You don’t have to keep buying a chair everyyear because you bought a cheap one and it brokeand coming up at number three. We have the nouhausergo 3d chair.

The new haas ergo 3d chair is mypersonal favorite on this list. If i were to pickone of the chairs on this list, i would go forthis one, because it’s not expensive, as hell andit, does strike an amazing quality for its priceso. I really love the heavy duty design of thischair and i really love everything about it. Sowhat’S so cool about this chair first of allyou get four different color options. You can gofor black blue red or gray, which is perfect forsomeone who likes matching colors it only costsaround, 310.

Okay. So the cool thing about this chairis you get adjustable lumbar support. You also getan adjustable headrest up down and tilt and youcan also get 4d adjustable armrests to allow forperfect positioning of the armrest while you workfor, the armrest means that they will go right, leftand up and down. So honestly, this chair is the bestfor work at home. By far for its price, okay, now youready to hear what makes this my favorite chairon this list, this chair comes with dual casters soyou get the normal set of casters pu casters andyou also get a bonus set of hardwood floor bladecasters.

Most people that buy officers usually buythese blade casters for around forty dollars. Butyou get them for free with this epic, chair and ifyou’re running out of the back, the back rest, istiltable up to 135 degrees, and the chair is alsoheight adjustable. You get a very smooth hydra. Liftas for the mesh on the back seat, it is verysoft and is breathable. It is an elasto.

Meshwhich provides optimal airflow to avoidsweating and sticking to the chairnow. While it is recommended that you take breakswhile you’re working, but i think if you get thischair you’re gon na love, it so much that you won’teven want to get off it. At least that’s what’shappening to the people that try this thing as forthe base of this chair. It is made out of aluminumhow’s that for build quality, so basically youcan use this chair to smash. The subscribe, buttonthis ergo 3d chair is by far the best optionsi’ve found after researching for a ton of hoursi really did die, researching for this video thereare more like more than like 1 000 office, chairson amazon.

And what do people say about this? Chairmany people are using this chair for up to ninehours a day and they love it with commentsfrom finest chair, i’ve ever owned to otherswho liked it more than a one thousand chair, andi’m, sorry about polishing the hell out of thereview of this chair, but it seriously warms Myheart how well made it is and how amazing it isembrace yourself, because this chair is expensivecoming up in number two. We have the steelcaseGesture graphite office chair. I don’t know ifyou’ve ever heard of steelcase before but nowwe’re going for the big guns. Steelcase is one ofthe, most well-known office, chair manufacturersout there, and if you want to treat yourselfto an amazing, legendary status office chairthen this chair is definitely the way to go it isone of the most popular high-end chairs.

Availableand is really popular for great reasons, one ofthem being for its amazing super high qualityokay. Now before you get too excited with thischair. Please understand that with great featuresalso comes a great price. Tagthis, chair is priced at around870 dollars, but before before you run away thischair ships fully assembled and it comes with a a 12 year. Warranty yup.

You heard that right12 years. So, yes, you do spend 870 dollarsbut. Also, you don’t have to worry about the chairfor 12 years, so i think it’s worth the trade-offhere if you have that type of money. Okay, so let’stalk about the chair, guess how many color optionsthere are for this chair 54 color options now howis that for crazy, 54 colors, so, basically no matterwhat office. You have on this planet.

You can matchthe colors to it. So what is in this premium chairwhy? Is it so expensive, steelcase adjuster is thefirst office chair designed to support a greaterrange of technologies for postures and differentuser sizes? Now, how steelcase have done one ofthe most wide studies in the world to make suretheir chairs suit everyone’s needs so to betterunderstand that body sitting at a work teststeelcase have conducted a global posture, studyspanning six continents and they also used morethan 2000 participants from around the world. Whichallowed them to better the technology, to make sureit fits all people’s sizes and postures, so theydiscover technologies to fix people’s unhealthypostures that are not adequately supported.

Bymost chairs on the market, so steelcase have triedto solve these postural issues and the feedbackon these chairs is insane. You’D expect an 800chair to have like one star reviews. Becauselike people are like expecting the moon, butthey don’t get it, but no people really lovethis chair, even though it costs so much so. Withthis 3d live back technology, just automaticallyadjusts to mimic the natural spy movementcontouring to the users back in all posturesand. It’S a system of synchronized interfacessupporting, a greater range of postures and it’sjust.

Look at how flawless it looks in action. Andsteelcase have built this chair, specifically tobe able to stay seated for more than 8 hours. Soif, that’s something you do on a regular that’ssomething. You might want to consider it also hastwo intuitive, very easy to control, adjustmentsfor the seat and the front knob just adjusts theheight and the depth, the back knob adjusts thetension and the variable backstop and you alsoget this thing that they invented called the 360arm technology. This helps you put the armrest inthe right place so for those who are looking for avery premium office, chair used in the most premiumoffices in the world, then this is the way to go and the bonus legendary chair on this listis going to be the hermann miller Mira, chairi, don’t know if you’ve heard of the hermannmiller before, but the hermann miller officersare the best and most well-renowned chairson this planet and they’re well, regardedas the best office chairs.

You can go for bymany people now. I won’t be diving into thischair as much because it is a bonus chair, andi thought. Most people have already heard of itif. Not i will have the links in thedescription and you can check it outcoming up in number one. We have the Sidizt80 highly adjustable ergonomic office.

Chairthis patented chair is going to give you somepatented comfort. I don’t know if you’ve heardof Sidiz before Sidiz is one of the world’s mostpopular office. Chair design companies in the worldthe t50 chair has sold more than 1.6 milliontimes around the world and the t80 is the moreluxurious option at around 690

If that’s toomuch for you, then you should check the city’st50, which is around 350 dollars instead okayso. What’S so cool about this chair, the t80’sengine ultimate sync technology was based on sixyears of research and it has a patented ultimatetilting mechanism which was designed with itodesign studio, germany and engineered by Sidizso.

Basically, you get this amazing backrest youcan adjust the neck rest up and down and youcan also tilt it, and you can adjust the arms inthree ways to make sure it fits you. Perfectlyyou can also adjust the seat slide. Slope youcan, increase and decrease the tilting tensionand. The most flawless part about this chairis, the ultimate sink tilt technology. If you’rewondering about designs, you get two differentcolors, you can go for dark gray or light graypeople who bought this chair have really loved itwith, some even saying that they much preferred itover the more expensive hermann miller, chair sothis is the budget option.

If you don’t want todish out a thousand two hundred to a thousandsix hundred dollars on a herman miller and ifyou’re worried about warranty, you get a three-yearwarranty with also a 30-day money-back guarantee hope you guys found this video useful becausei poured my heart and soul into it, And i rarelydied trying to find these chairs. These are theonly chairs that i could find that have a goodamount of reviews and coverage online and there islots of people using them and also they have veryhigh reviews and they have good warranties, so thatis mainly why i picked these options in this videoso. If you found this video usefulby any chance make sure to likeand subscribe, that would be much appreciatedand comment below. If you have any questionsand check. One of these videos right here ifyou want to know more.

If you want to watchsomething else, you know not, if you wantto know more but okay check one of these goodbye

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