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poor posture movement efficiency

Poor Posture Movement Efficiency – The Complete Guide

Technically, movement efficiency refers to energy expenditure; The less energy is spent when performing a sports skill, the more effective the movement. So can poor posture affect movement efficiency? You will find the answer as you read through this article.

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Let us consider in detail what movement efficiency and poor posture mean before we can talk about their relationship.

What is Movement Efficiency?

Effectiveness is an excellent measure of the coordination of any action. In other words, the higher the efficiency, the more coordinated the action and vice versa. In fact, it seems the optimal way to do anything, whether breathing, walking, standing or playing sports, is the way that maximizes efficiency. On the contrary, an inefficient movement will always compromise performance and create the risk of pain and injury.

Concerning the human body, efficiency means the relationship between the useful work performed and the energy spent to do the work. Simply put, efficiency determines the amount of energy spent through muscle contraction will create a successful movement, such as running, kicking, throwing, standing, walking or breathing.

For instance, two people having the same weight runs the same distance at the same time, one burns 1000 calories and the other only 500. This means the second runner is twice as efficient as the first. To use an example of everyday life, one person can sit comfortably in front of a computer for hours with minimum muscular work, while another may tire from trying to maintain a good posture. After only a few minutes. The first person has a more efficient posture and wastes little energy to maintain it.

However, to achieve a movement that uses a minimum amount of energy, the execution must be very efficient. In other words, the execution technique must be such that it produces the best possible results and at the same time uses the minimum energy.

poor posture movement efficiency
poor posture movement efficiency

Doing this, however, is not very easy. Even world class athletes spend a lot of time improving their technique. They do this while developing their physical qualities and performing their sports skills. Understand that as one develops greater strength or other physical abilities, his/her technique changes. As a result, it must be constantly adjusted.

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These principles also apply to everyday life, where we do nothing particularly strenuous, but we do it all day. For example, inefficient breathing is not a problem in the short term, but if you do it 15,000 times a day for a few years, it can be a great source of loss of energy and neck pain. Inefficient walking is a source of pain in the feet and knees. An inefficient sitting position is a source of low back and neck pain.

In an article, the author noted that mobility and stability are most important for the effectiveness of movement. He defined mobility as “the combination of muscle elasticity, range of movement and freedom of movement of the body”. Stability was defined as “the ability to maintain posture and control movement freely.”

His definition of mobility can be summed up in one word, flexibility. Flexibility is a combination of muscle elasticity and range of motion (ROM) which is really freedom of movement. It is determined by the strength of the muscles to move the limb through the necessary ROM.

This is the key factor, especially when the athlete begins to tire when performing a skill for a long period of time. It is at this point that we see that efficiency deteriorates. This is mainly because the muscles cannot maintain the same ROM while keeping the body stable.

Stability is related to posture. But when performing a sports skill, we must think about dynamic stability, not just maintaining the posture. Essentially, this means keeping all parts of the body that are not involved in the movement stationary to allow the movement to take place.

What does Poor Posture Entail?

Poor posture is the posture that results from hardening or shortening of certain muscles while others lengthen and weaken, which often occurs due to one’s daily activities. There are different factors that can affect posture. They include professional activities and biomechanical factors such as force and repetition.

poor posture movement efficiency
poor posture movement efficiency – Hunch back

Poor posture can manifest with round and raised shoulders and a head position that is pushed forward. This position puts pressure on the spine between the upper part of the neck and the skull and the base of the neck and the upper part of the shoulders. There is a reduction in the stability of the shoulder blades causing changes in the movement pattern of the upper extremities.

Similarly, it can also manifest with the forward inclination of the hips, an increase in the curve of the lumbar spine and a protruding stomach. This position puts pressure on the hip and lower back joints.

Bad posture is the result of musculoskeletal distortion in the neck, lower and upper back. Due to the variety of body types, incorrect posture differs from person to person. The correct posture of one person may be incorrect for another person and vice versa. However, there are ways to determine a bad posture. Some of the classic signs of bad posture include a pot belly, rounded shoulders.

There are many risks that come with poor posture. Poor posture can hinder the lungs’ ability to develop. Bad posture is also a major risk factor in many injuries. Many sports injuries are the result of poor posture. Also, poor posture can also affect movement efficiency.

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How Can Poor Posture Affect Movement Efficiency?

Posture is a good posture precisely because it is effective. Good posture means that all bones are stacked on top of each other, which creates the least amount of energy needed to maintain verticality. If you cannot stack your bones effectively, it is likely that it is more of a muscle that does not relax or a muscle failing to fire, rather than one that is too “weak.”

That is to say, that poor posture is a posture that is not effective. It is when our spine is in an unnatural position, in which the curves are accentuated. This leads to joints, muscles, and vertebrae to be in stressful positions. This prolonged poor posture causes an accumulation of pressure on these tissues.

Since movement efficiency talks about the relationship between the useful work performed and the energy spent to do the work, it simply means that movement efficiency deals with the effectiveness of work done by the body systems.

As you can clearly see, poor posture will limit the effectiveness and productivity of the body systems. The pain that comes with bad posture can and will limit movement efficiency. This is because an individual will exact more energy than required in doing a particular work.

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We can recognize effective movements by their apparent ease. In fact, one of the main impressions you will receive when you see a great athlete or dancer is that they make it look incredibly easy. If you are very elegant, graceful, and smooth in your movements, you do not need much strain to produce them.

Even in a sport like running, which does not involve many technical skills, effective movement is easy to observe. Professional marathon runners have an incredibly smooth pace and use about 30% less energy to do the same job as an average runner. They are so incredibly fluid that they look like machines in perpetual motion or like a ball rolling downhill. They just need to add the least amount of energy with each stride to keep the ball moving. In contrast, the average runner does not look much like a rolling ball. His step seems painful. And it is probably painful.

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Bad posture forces you to overwork your neck and back muscles. The efforts of your immune system to heal these muscles stimulate inflammation, which over time can cause arthritis in neighboring joints. This overwork on the muscles will cause reduce effectiveness.

There is no arguing the fact that poor posture has a detrimental effect on movement efficiency.

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Summary and Recommendation

Poor posture has several ill effects on the body, one of which is that it affects movement efficiency. It is, therefore, necessary to work on keeping a straight posture. It does not take much to correct your poor posture, thus, improving movement efficiency. You can read more about how long it takes to improve your posture.

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